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Scientists Have Named The '10 Most Sleep-Inducing Rock Songs'

14 July 2022 | 10:44 am | Brenton Harris

Scientifically speaking, these ten songs are a total snooze fest.

More Led Zeppelin More Led Zeppelin

Scientists in the UK have named the ten most sleep-inducing rock songs of all time. 

UK website Mornings commissioned a study to find out which songs are most suited to helping people sleep. The results are sure to be controversial with fans of a certain era of music, with a who's who of '60s and '70s rock icons dominating the list.

Elton John tops the list with Your Song named the rock song must-suited to nod off to, with Led Zeppelin's Going To California following close behind. Other legends to feature in the top ten include The Beatles with the appropriately titled Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight and Pink Floyd with Wish You Were Here who took out slots four and five respectively.

Mornings were more than happy to show their workings for the study, explaining the method they used to arrive at the list. To test for 'sleepiness' they first analyzed the sonic qualities of 100 lullabies, using ten audio features such as tempo and scale (major or minor). They then took those results and compared them to a curated list of 1,721 songs, looking for songs that shared the most traits in common with the lullabies. 

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The songs included in the study were Spotify's 'most streamed' and 'essential' tracks for each genre.

The overall winner for sleepiness was Billie Eilish whose song I Love You was judged the sleepiest song, sharing a whopping 87.6% match with the characteristics of the lullabies. Mornings delivered a top ten list for a range of genres including hip-hop, electronic, classical and the aforementioned rock.

The complete list of most sleep-inducing rock songs can be found below. 

The Top 10 Most Sleep-Inducing Rock Songs

  1. Elton John - Your Song
  2. Led Zeppelin - Going To California
  3. Elton John - Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
  4. The Beatles - Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight
  5. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
  6. Jackson Browne - The Load
  7. Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side
  8. The Police - Every Breath You Take
  9. Eagles - Desperado
  10. John Lennon -  Imagine