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Sam Carter (Architects) collabs with Howard Kaye for 'Too Young'

15 April 2019 | 1:27 pm | Alex Sievers

Architects' Sam Carter gets his pop on with Howard Kaye's latest single.

Sam Carter gets his pop on with Howard Kaye's new single. 

Here's something a little bit different: Brighton singer/songwriter and producer, Howard Kaye, has enlisted the help of Architects vocalist, Sam Carter, for his latest creation, 'Too Young'. As it turns out, it's pretty damn cool!

With moody, lo-fi synths creating a dreamy atmosphere, and rattling trap-esque percussion and rising synth pads and electro vocals, 'Too Young' is quite the soulful pop/R'n'B song. One that also adds in some tasteful distorted guitars and synth strings come its final moments as well.

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As mentioned, this new tune sees Architects frontman, Sam Carter, helping out a mate by guest featuring, trading off of Howard's parts (who has such a lovely timbre, by the way.) Sam forgoes his metalcore screams, instead lending a softer, more intimate clean vocal performance that we occasionally see in Architects' releases for this track's second verse and second pre-chorus/chorus sections. Well, that is until the song's outro hits where those beastly, passionate screams that we all know and love from Sam come out of the gate very briefly.

Sam actually brings a lot to this track, making what is an unexpected collab something quite special. Plus, his feature is also sure to help raise the profile of Howard Kaye amongst listeners who prefer their music littered with drop F chugs, "bleughs", and breakdowns.

Reminisce on youth and old songs that you can't remember with Howard Kaye's latest below: