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RAAVE TAPES Release ‘SUDS’ Video, Announce National Tour

10 May 2018 | 12:02 am | Alex Sievers

Ruin someone's party with this brand new RAAVE TAPES track. Then go catch 'em on tour.

The Newcastle dance-punk trio that is RAAVE TAPES first burst out onto the local scene back in 2016 when they were handpicked by triple j Unearthed to perform at This That Festival. Since that nice little first push, the three-piece have hit up a lot of big-name Aussie indie festivals, from your Groovin The Moo's right over to your Yours and Owls'.

This fun Novocastrian trio makes noisy, fuzzed-out and melodic yet gritty and overly distorted rock music, as showcased by their solid 2017 single ‘k bye’. Overall, these guys and gal write songs for those out there totally fed up with the everyday bollocks that other people push onto them, with the band coming to play directly to such folks in Perth, Melbourne, Wollongong, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Thirroul and Newcastle on their national tour this June and July (with more dates incoming soon enough).

This new tours all comes in support of the group's latest jam, 'SUDS', a loud and unabashed track addressing the very real belief that intoxication sure as shit ain't an acceptable or full-proof excuse for dickheads to doll out their piss-poor behaviour on others. As I'm told, this is supposedly the core ethos of RAAVE TAPES and their live shows: having fun is paramount, yes, so as long as it’s not at the expense of another individual's good vibes. Which is a great way to live your life, I find.

Directed by David Fulham (VACATIONS, Suburban Haze), the endearingly dorky and tongue-in-cheek music video for 'SUDS' is a compilation of idiotic and selfish behaviour experienced when you're out and about; a film clip showcasing the original theme of the track - to shine a light on both irresponsible and unashamed behaviour in all of its insanely frustrating forms.

Give it a whirl or two:

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Check out the band’s upcoming tour dates below:

Saturday 2 June | Amplifier, Perth WA

Saturday 9 June | Yah Yah’s, Melbourne VIC

Thursday 14 June | RAD Bar, Wollongong NSW

Saturday 16 June | Brighton Up Bar, Sydney NSW

Thursday 21 June | The Foundry, Brisbane QLD

Friday 22 June | Rocket Bar, Adelaide SA

Friday 29 June | Beaches Hotel, Thirroul NSW

Saturday 7 July | Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle NSW