Private Function Release First-ever Urine-filled Vinyl

27 March 2023 | 12:18 pm | Staff Writer

If you bought one of 50 Gold copies of Private Function's new album, now you know what's in it...

(Pic by Robert 'Squid' Collins)

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In the grossest vinyl launch of all time, Private Function are releasing 50 urine-filled copies of their new record, 370HSSV 0773H, which will land this Friday, 31 March, via their label, Still On Top Records.

In an Instagram announcement, the Melbourne band revealed the process behind the idea has been tricky (and disgusting), which leads to the band not having a solid release date for the “Gold” records.

“Congratulations to the 50 people who ordered the “Gold” version of our new record… You just bought a liquid disc full of our piss,” Private Function wrote on social media last night.

The band continued, “We worked with local legends Salty Dog Records to build the world's first piss filled record, it turns out it’s really hard.

“Because of the annoying amount of experimentation needed to make this record work we don’t have a physical copy yet but here’s a video outlining the creation of it.”

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The punk rockers then urged fans not to use the band members’ DNA to commit crimes.

Some commenters expressed concern about the amount of urine the band members produced, telling Private Function to drink more water.

The vinyl release of Private Function’s forthcoming album has been interesting so far, with the record temporarily illegal to sell in South Australia earlier this year.

The first 3000 copies of 370HSSV 0773H feature a scratchable album cover, with three Australiana-themed icons underneath the scratchie panels.

Of the 3000 copies, only one will share three identical icons. The one lucky fan whose sleeve reveals all three matching icons will receive a signed test pressing of 370HSSV 0773H, $2999 in cash, directly from the band and a photo of their face printed on all future pressings of the album across all variations, forever.

The scratchie idea was born from Private Function wanting to give back to their fans. The band said, "We were thinking about how we could give back to our fans in a fun way, and we came up with this really simple idea that we couldn’t believe hadn’t been done before. 

"Finding a company that would actually print scratchable panels onto record sleeves wasn’t easy, but you bet we found a way to make it happen."

South Australian legislation dictates that any "scratch and win" promotion requires a permit, regardless of the prize pool value, which initially meant that it was illegal for Private Function to distribute physical copies of their new album in the state.

However, after their story gained significant press coverage, South Australia’s Liquor and Gambling Commissioner Dini Soulio granted the band a total exemption to release the album with scratchies.

"I am pleased to say that once I became aware of it, I reached out to the band, and in the circumstances, I’m happy to give them an exemption to be able to sell it into South Australia,” Soulio commented to ABC Radio Adelaide.

"The idea that someone is going to become addicted to scratchies by buying multiple albums is probably not a high risk from my point of view."

Pre-order Private Function’s new album here.