The Bleeders

The Bleeders (NZ) have been on tour since releasing their debut full length earlier this year, and they don

Tommy Lee – More money than sense?

MOTLEY CRUE & ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA drummer Tommy Lee rocked up to the the Claus Ettensberger Showroom in Los Angeles last Friday (Novemb...

New Metallica dvd

The release dates for the upcoming METALLICA dvd, entitled

Power metal brothers rejoice!

German power metal gods BLIND GUARDIAN have announced two Australian dates early next year following their tour of Asia. The dates (so far) ...

New Boomtown online store

Boomtown Have just launched a new site. checkout

The Mars Volta postpone tour

The Mars Volta have announced their upcoming tour will take place next March, not later this month as originally scheduled.

Tom Delonge bags out Blink182

Tom Delonge, once a member of Blink 182 and now waxing lyrical about his latest band, Angels and Airwaves has slammed his former band onstag...