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Nickelback Namecheck Motörhead, Guns N' Roses & More In 'Photograph' 2.0

6 October 2022 | 2:15 pm | Mary Varvaris

'Photograph' 2.0.

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Nickelback have released another new song, following the heavy San Quentin released last month. Those Days - or Photograph 2.0 - is nothing like the first single from the band's upcoming 10th album, Get Rollin'

Those Days retains country vibes while remembering the good old days and old-school musical influences. 

Chad Kroeger namechecks Nightmare On Elm Street ("Remember when Elm Street came on / Couldn't watch it alone"), Prince ("Remember when they played 'Purple Rain' to our first slow dance"), Motorhead, and Guns N' Roses ("Remember Guns N' Roses came out we were standing in line / Remember front row at that show, camped out all night / Got so high 'Sweet Child O' Mine'"), transporting listeners back to the '80s and to the sentimental Nickelback from 2005, who we all remember.

Previous single San Quentin was inspired by Kroeger's meeting the warden at the titular state prison while attending Guy Fieri's birthday party. 

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"The entire time we were talking, I'm like, I'm speaking to this guy, but in my head. All I could think about was, 'I'm gonna write a song called 'San Quentin.' That's it,'" Kroeger revealed in a WRAT interview. "I stuck it in my notes on my phone, and then once the riff was down, I think I screamed out this line, 'Can somebody please keep me the hell out of San Quentin?' And we just took it from there." 

Nickelback promised that Get Rollin' would be a mixed bag of genres, and both recent singles indicate that guitarist Ryan Peake was telling the truth in the WRAT interview with Kroeger. "I don't think it's unusual, that type of song, for us. It's not necessarily indicative of the whole album, but as far as rock, it's a heavy rock song," he explained. "And if you've seen us live, you would definitely get it, too. I think it's nice, I kind of like that people are feeling like it's a surprise that we could write or we could have rock songs like that in our repertoire."

The Canadian rock band's albums Silver Side Up, The Long Road, All The Right Reasons, Dark Horse, Here And Now, and No Fixed Address have reached platinum or multi-platinum status in Australia.