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Mulga Bore Hard Rock Band Travel From Remote Community To Support KISS

25 August 2022 | 9:16 am | Brenton Harris

"It's our dreams come true. They are my favourite band in the world"

A hard rock band from the community of Mulga Bore, 240 kilometres from Alice Springs are headed to the Gold Coast to support KISS.

The six-member Mulga Bore Hard Rock Band, will take the stage before their idols KISS,  at the rock legends' last ever Australian show on September 10. 

It is the opportunity of a lifetime for the band, who cite KISS as a primary influence and inspiration for their music. 

Speaking to the ABC, Alvin Manfong, frontman for the Central Australian rockers revealed that he can't quite believe the opportunity given to the band. 

"It's our dreams come true. They are my favourite band in the world," he said, adding that "We're practising every day. We're excited to go, this is our first time going [to the Gold Coast]".

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It is an extraordinary opportunity for a young band. The details of how the group of youthful hard rockers from an Aboriginal outstation ended up with an offer to support KISS are an example of big-thinking paying off.

The Mulga Bore Hard Rock Band had been working with filmmaker Rebecca McLean on a video clip and a documentary. During that process, McClean suggested approaching KISS to make a cameo in the video clip. As you can see in the video below, the band's initial goal was to ask KISS to travel to Mulga Bore to play for the community. While investigating who to contact to make that a reality, the team discovered KISS were headed to Australia, birthing the idea that would lead to the support slot of their dreams. 

McLean used some contacts in her network to ask about the prospects of Mulga Bore Hard Rock Band supporting KISS on the tour. Months passed without contact, and then to the band's delight, the tour's promoter got in touch with McLean, via social media and email, affirming her that KISS could be interested in the proposal for them to play a half-hour supporting set. After weeks of waiting for a response, an offer to play the Gold Coast show arrived. 

McLean told the ABC that the response from the band members was one of shock, followed by jubilation.

"We told them. You could've heard a pin drop," she said."I think they were in shock. They went quiet." "Then it just hit them and they've been dancing ever since."

The show will be the biggest moment of their performing lives to date, surpassing the feat of winning the Alice Springs Battle of the Bands.

KISS are currently touring Australia on the  ‘End Of The Road World Tour', reviews of the farewell tour have been positive with our own Michael Prebeg stating "KISS have exceeded our expectations and are making damn sure they go out with an absolute bang."