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Jesus Piece Release First Single Since Their 2018 Debut Album

6 December 2022 | 1:12 pm | Mary Varvaris

Looking for a metalcore rager? Jesus Piece have you covered with some nasty riffs and fills.

(Credit: Phobymo)

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All hail the return of Jesus Piece!

The Philadelphia-based metalcore/hardcore outfit have unleashed their latest rager, An Offering To The Night, which we've all been waiting for. The song crushes in a groove-heavy way and is packed with tons of energy. The single is also the band's first release on their label home, Century Media, and the first taste of new music from Jesus Piece since their mind-blowing 2018 debut album, Only Self.

Jesus Piece are now labelmates alongside Arch Enemy, Body Count, Electric Callboy, Lorna Shore, Sick Of It All, and many more. The group's new single arrives with the news that they have embarked on a collaborative relationship with Noah Clothing; the collection will be available online this Thursday, 8 December. Check out the designs here.

We absolutely loved the band's ferocious first album, Only Self. Whether it's nasty riffs, savage blast beats, two-step sections, or giant breakdowns, Jesus Piece's music lands immensely hard, Alex Sievers wrote in 2018.

Like the brutal swing of an executioner's bloody axe down upon some poor soul's neck. Whether it's jumping into such meaty sections on the short, racy and heavily syncopated Adamant; being ushered in via menacing china ring during pummeling, leader-scrutinizing opener Lucid; or from a mammoth pit-call like on Neuroprison (that "tear down the walls of the neuroprison" part will be fuckin' sick live); this five-piece clearly knows how to write some of the best dad-hat-wearing mosh tunes around. 

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Easily rivalling that of your Harm's Way's or your Kublai Khan's, with just as much vocal rage, groove and seething instrumental aggression. Though, obviously, hardcore records like this aren't going out of fashion anytime soon. Yet Jesus Piece delivers such beefy metallic hardcore familiarity in a well-written, effective way that'll see them becoming even further-loved underground stalwarts by 2018's end. 

Sievers ended his album review by noting, taking elements of hardcore, slam, and death metal and infusing them with some of the bleakest timbres and darkest tones you'll likely hear from a hardcore release in 2018; Jesus Piece have come out guns blazing with Only Self. It's heavy, it's tough, it's violent, and better yet, it's pretty dang solid. Read the full album review here.

Watch the music video to An Offering To The Night below and get hyped for whatever Jesus Piece have planned for 2023!