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Future Static Announce Debut Album 'Liminality', Drop New Single 'Roach Queen'

12 September 2023 | 12:44 pm | Mary Varvaris

"We're so proud to finally release our first full-length album, which we've been tirelessly working on and teasing to crowds for the past two years."

Future Static

Future Static (Source: Supplied)

Two months after Future Static released their crushing cover of Daddy Yankee’s 2004 classic, Gasolina, the Melbourne metalcore outfit have finally announced the release date of their debut album.

Liminality will arrive on Friday, 24 November, via Wild Thing Records. To accompany the album announcement, Future Static have dropped the album’s crushing new single, Roach Queen.

Best listened to alongside its spooky music video, Roach Queen is dynamic in its heaviness, with vocalist Amariah Cook displaying all facets of her chops: spoken word passages, guttural roars, tormented shrieks, and anthemic sung hooks.

Stemming from one of Cook’s repressed memories, the singer explained in a press release, “Roach Queen talks about a traumatic experience I had as a child in the first apartment my family and I lived in when we moved to Barcelona.

“The place was infested by cockroaches, and for a long while, I was having nightmares where they would climb into my mouth while I slept, possibly causing a more severe illness to materialise at the time.”

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Adding that her experiences made her the independent, strong woman she is now, Cook said, “The name Roach Queen felt fitting to me. It came instantly, along with the lyrics, as the song has overtones of a developed independence and strength that eventuated from this experience.”

The music video was filmed by Colin Jeffs (Make Them SufferAlpha Wolf). Cook commented on his work, “Colin absolutely nailed the execution, utilising horror aesthetics and the authoritative figure of the ‘Queen’ as a representation of overcoming personal demons and trauma.”

Roach Queen isn’t the first single to be heard from Liminality – Future Static’s previously released singles, Waves and Venenosa are on the album. The album also features two special guest stars, Sean Harmanis of Make Them Suffer fame (Plated Gold) and Heartline’s Luke Taylor on Iliad.

The album was produced, mixed, and mastered by Christopher Vernon (WindwakerThe Beautiful Monument). Cook said about Liminality, “We're so proud to finally release our first full-length album, which we've been tirelessly working on and teasing to crowds for the past two years.

“Everything about this album came from the heart and soul of the band. The best way to describe it? It is the physical representation of friendship, teamwork, and our unconditional love for music.”

You can pre-order Liminality here and check out the tracklist below.

Future Static – Liminality Track List:

1. Chemical Lobotomy

2. Venenosa

3. Roach Queen

4. Icarus

5. ...And The Walls That Were Built

6. Waves

7. Iliad feat. Luke Taylor of Heartline

8. Will I?

9. The Hourglass

10. Halfway Across The World

11. Plated Gold feat. Sean Harmanis of Make Them Suffer

12. The Embers