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Warning Issued To Scalpers As Foo Fighters Aus Gig Declared ‘Major Event’

24 February 2022 | 1:43 pm | Staff Writer

Flippers could face huge fines.

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Foo Fighterssurprise last-minute Aus show for next week has sent fans (and pretty much anyone who misses stadium shows) into a frenzy, and so it’s not surprising promoters are high alert for the return of scalpers.

Today, Frontier Touring has announced that the band’s show next Friday, March 4, at GMHBA Stadium in Geelong has been declared a “major event”, which is very bad news for anyone looking to make a quick buck by flipping tickets.

“Under the Major Events Act 2009, it is illegal for a ticket to be sold, or offered or advertised for resale, for more than 10% above the face value price of the ticket, unless the seller is authorised in writing by the event organiser,” Frontier Touring said.

“Breaching the Act can result in heavy fines up to $109,044 for an individual and $545,220 for a company. Purchasing a ticket from an unauthorised seller can result in the ticket holder being denied entry to the event.”

Punters are urged to only purchase passes via the show’s official ticketing agent, Ticketmaster Australia, as that’s the “only way you can be assured of paying the correct prices and actually receiving valid tickets”.

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The show has been announced in partnership with the Victorian Government's ALWAYS LIVE, a celebration of contemporary live music taking place later this year. 

Foo Fighters will be joined by Australian fan favourites Amyl & The Sniffers, who recently released their critically acclaimed and commercially successful Comfort To Me, alongside Melbourne punk legends The Meanies. 

Tickets go on sale tomorrow from 12pm AEDT. Click here for more details.