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Deadspace Unleash Pure Rage On New Single, ‘Mouth Of Scorpions’

8 April 2018 | 11:57 pm | Alex Sievers

Deadspace aren't slowing down any time soon.

Deadspace aren't slowing down any time soon.

Deadspace’s 2017 magnum opus, ‘The Liquid Sky’, hit me during a very dark and depressed time in my life for it to take hold of my heart and soul completely. (It was one of my favourite records of 2017, after all). Yet while that scarily awesome record only dropped back in November - a little over six months ago - this Perth group aren’t easing off the throttle in the slightest. As just earlier tonight, they unveiled a brand new single for adoring fans, budding goths and black metal purveyors alike to eat up with wicked glee: the truly epic ‘Mouth Of Scorpions’.

Lyrically and thematically speaking, the apocalyptic-themed ‘Mouth Of Scorpions’ is as ugly, as brooding and as destructive as you’d come to expect from these Aussies. What with venomous and caustic lyrics such as “To rape the feeble thought there’s hope in her weeping” and my personal favourite, “Pray for acid rain/Pray for death/And I will wait for desolation”. Musically though, the hate-fueled composition still contains the band's blisteringly depressive black metal moments, characterized by these deep and pained echoing screams, rapid guitar riffs, pounding blast beats and bombastic drum fills; all interwoven with Deadspace's love for spacious backing atmospherics and effective layered melodies throughout that pull you in harder.

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Similar to how 'The Liquid Sky' saw Deadspace push out into newer tones, expansive sounds and fresher sonic ideas (the shoegazey 'Void', the more melodic 'Reflux', or the acoustic-folk style of 'Kidney Bleach'), this newie follows suit, as it's intro features a Middle-Eastern/Islamic melody that commands your attention right away. On top of all that, frontman Chris Gebauer's savage screams and eerie, raspy but highly fitting clean singing at certain intervals in the song only lends to the more dynamic feel of this doomsday-like piece; one where the band's personal and internal focus has now seemingly been turned outward towards an evil, vile world.

'Mouth Of Scorpions', other than being a sudden but welcome surprise from the WA outfit, also has this wonderful sonic tension of a push and pull between crushing bleakness and inviting beauty; something that the very best black metal bands often capture in their music. And that is exactly what Deadspace do here.

Experience the end of days with ‘Mouth Of Scorpions’ below:

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