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Caged Existence Release Debut EP, ‘The Body Prison'

27 May 2018 | 5:52 pm | Alex Sievers

You can't keep a good riff down for long.

You can't keep a good riff down for long.

Caged Existence are the new kids on the block for Melbourne hardcore, yet they've jumped right into the thick of it.

With buzzy and thundering bass lines, pummeling hardcore drumming from Jake Zammit (also of Broken & Belle Haven), big breakdowns, a keen ear for evil metallic riffs, and a confronting vocal delivery from frontwoman Steffanie Adele, the five-piece wield a familiar yet still solid heavy hardcore sound. A sound that's shown off across their recently released debut EP, 'The Body Prison', namely in how this new band just pile-drive their pissed-off sonic intent right into you with their self-titled opening track.

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Overall, the lyrical core of the five songs held within 'The Body Prison' are written about just that: how the body is so often a mere prison for the mind's will, and all of the emotional traumas and mental illnesses that can come with that - whether they be born form external factors or the cause of internal issues. Just as the band themselves put it online recently: “The Body Prison is your own journey of life and the pain you fight through every day to remain content. The Body Prison is battling depression as well as growing from those experiences becoming a stronger person.

Of course, there's no real shortage of bands in Australia that sound like Caged Existence, but I feel that this band will really make a name for themselves in the local heavy music scene. Mostly because they just write really solid mosh parts and are driven by a strong lyrical conviction. For instance, from the 1:00 mark onwards of 'Human Disease', the song offers some seriously venomous hardcore - both on the vocal and instrumental accounts - and is without a doubt one of my favourite sections of music from a new local band of late. If you were strapped for time and I had to be concise, then without a doubt 'Human Disease' would be the go-to track to check out; a great summarization of what this band can gift your ears.

Anyway, I'll quit my yapping now so you can sign up for 'The Body Prison' below:

Catch Caged Existence opening for Imprisoned, Dregg, Cast Down & Antagonist A.D. come Friday, June 8th for the latter's sold out headline gig at The Bendigo Hotel in Melbourne.