Bleeding Through frontman to detractors: “F*** You!”

With Orange County metalcore outfit Bleeding Through currently working through their farewell tour schedule, frontman Brandan Schieppati has written an entry in his personal blog, which oversees the completion of the band.

The vocalist touches on why he started Bleeding Through in a post entitled, ‘Is It Ever Going To Be Enough?

Included within the post, Schieppati addresses those who criticised the band for not touring their respective city.

The last half of the blog reads:

Now getting ready to embark on our first leg of the US farewell tour it seems what we are doing is still not good enough. Even though we are 100% doing this tour for the ones that have supported us through out the years we are still getting backlash. I understand that we may not be playing your city on this tour and we apologize.

We are playing the places that we could find promoters to book us a show. Plain and simple. In response to not playing sertain towns on this tour we have gotten comments like “you were my favorite band but not I am going to burn your records”, “thanks for letting your fans down” and “you guys are probably just going to the places that you make the most money”. Seeing comments like this really put things into perspective to me now.

My response to those comments is FUCK YOU! If we aren’t worth it to drive a few miles away from your city to see Bleeding Through one more time then so be it. We are going to play the cities we are booked in in front of people who give a shit about our music.

We are going to play hard and fast like it’s our last time on that stage because guess what? It’s going to be our last time. Hope to see you at the shows. If not I refuse to lose sleep over it.

I’m going to end this with a quote from Paul Rudd’s character in the movie Forgetting Sara Marshall “when life hands you lemons say fuck the lemons and bail”

You can read the full entry here.

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