In Hearts Wake release new song/charity project

In Hearts Wake have unveiled the Skydancer Project that has been floating around the internet as a viral campaign for a few weeks now, in the form of a new song to raise profits for three grassroots organisations. The song is available in a ‘pay what you wish’ format, with 100% of all money raised going to one of the three organisations. You can see the band’s explanation of the project below.

"Hey Guys,

We are incredibly excited to unveil the Skydancer Project today. ‘Skydancer’ is our new single and we are happy to announce that not only will we be giving it away on a ‘pay what you wish’ platform.. but also that all funds raised in donations for the single will be split between three non-profit organisations that each deal with supporting indigenous communities across the globe. We’ve chosen three grassroots groups to work with on this amazing campaign, Red Dust, Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples & Hardcore Help Foundation. We couldn’t be happier to release new music to you guys as well as spreading awareness about these important issues on a global scale. Please check out the Skydancer website for all the information.

Site link:"

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