Rob Zombie rescues puppies

Rob Zombie recently spoke to about his work with the veteran’s charity called The Puppy Rescue Mission.

The charity raises money for stray dogs of war that bond with and get adopted by US soldiers.

"The puppy rescue: it’s a funny name," Zombie says. "What it is, is a lot of soldiers in Afghanistan would find these dogs and bond with them and sneak them on the bases, even though they weren’t supposed to have them. It was probably the only moment of sanity for these guys, when they spent time with them. Some of the stories I’ve heard are horrible: people would torture these dogs, and kill them for fun."

"These guys saved these dogs, and really bonded with them. But they weren’t allowed to take them home, and if they could, it was so expensive. That was a cause I could really understand and get behind. Imagine being that far from home and bonding with a dog and then being told to just leave him there and then get on a plane to go home. No way!"

If, like Zombie you feel compelled to get behind this noble cause, you can learn more about The Puppy Rescue Mission here.

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