Meshuggah to start new album next year

Meshuggah joins the growing list of bands who are working on material for a new album.

Speaking to Loud Magazine, guitarist Marten Hagstrom had this to say: "I think the last day of November is our last show for this album. So we’re basically looking to have some time off in December, and then we’ve been on the road with ‘Koloss’ for like two years or something, on and off. So then I guess it’s about time to start writing new stuff again."

He then went on to talk about the band’s creative process: "I have no idea, and I never do. And I think that’s a good thing, ‘cause people sometimes say that we’re pretty unpredictable, but I don’t really think we are because we have a sound that’s been with us since at least like the ‘None’ EP (from 1994), that’s very us (laughs). It doesn’t really change all that much, but it’s still a progression, and what I mean by taking a step forward is that we’re still, we’ve been around now. We’re veterans in this game (laughs), and we’re still having fun with what we do, with experimenting with the music that we want to create. So as long as it feels like we’re making it better, and as long as it feels like we’re doing something that we can at least stand for and be proud of, that’s all that we ask."

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