EXCLUSIVE: Anberlin Tour Blog #2

Anberlin are currently making their way through Australia, touring nationally with The Maine, William Beckett and Masketta Fall.

is proud to host the exclusive tour blog for the band concluding with the latest entry written courtesy of bassist Deon Rexroat.

So, here we are nine days and eight shows later and we’re almost done with the tour. Every day just keeps getting better as we’ve made our way down the coast and across the country. Since I last wrote, we did catch up on some sleep thankfully. Driving back to Sydney from Newcastle at 3am was a rough one, but we all got a little extra rest the next day. Christian and I woke up around noon and decided that would be a good time to walk down the street from the hotel and grab a good Australian brekky. Gotta start the day off right after all.

Once we got some food in our stomachs it was off to the venue for sound check at the new Sydney Hi-Fi. I was excited as it’s a nice venue and it’s always fun to play a new place. Looking out at the big empty room, I didn’t know what to expect that evening, but we had a few surprises in store for everyone. We added “Adelaide” and “Art of War” into our set and later that night, watching all the bodies jumping around in the crowd was a total pleasure as a thousand voices screamed our songs back to us. A little rest and a great crowd is a magical combination.

From Sydney, it was time to move on to Melbourne. We had a fairly early flight, but we got to the airport with time to spare. Things were going smoothly until the point when the computers at the Virgin Airlines ticket desk crashed and we couldn’t get checked in and ended up missing our flight. They were nice enough to stick us in their lounge until things got sorted though. Fortunately, we were able to get onto the next flight and get to Melbourne. Unfortunately, 8 pieces of luggage/gear didn’t make it on our flight. However, we still managed to make it to the venue in time to get the gear loaded and keep things fairly on schedule. After a sound check and VIP meet and greet, it was time to do something I look forward to every time we come to Australia. A few of us walked a few blocks to eat at Pellegrini’s, an Italian restaurant that is my favourite place in Australia and definitely in my top 5 in the world. It’s simply great Italian food and the place is so little that there is only one table and chairs are located in the kitchen. So, the cook turns around and asks what I want, I tell her I want spaghetti bolognese and she turns back around and makes it. Such a great experience. So good, in fact, that I ate dinner there again the next day on our day off. Anyway, after a more than fulfilling dinner, it was soon show time. Melbourne was easily the biggest show of the tour. Looking out into the room, the crowd just seemed to go on forever and I could do nothing but smile. Someone told us before we walked onstage that Melbourne is our town and I believe it after that show.

Okay, this final blog may be getting a little long, but I do have one more thing to mention. After the Melbourne show ended, there was one very important event to look forward to before bed: the start of the first Sunday of American Football. It was tough after spending so much energy at a great show, but some of us managed to stay up until 3am to watch the first round of games. We love our sport and it gave us a little bit of home being able to watch some NFL action. The Internet is a wonderful thing.

It has been a great tour. Thank you Australia. We have Adelaide tonight and Fremantle left to visit before the tour is over and we aren’t slowing down for a single second until the final note of the final song. You’ve been great hosts as usual and we will miss you… but not for too long. We will definitely be back soon!

& Destroy All Lines present Anberlin on tour with The Maine and William Beckett.

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