EXCLUSIVE: Anberlin pre-tour greeting

Popular Florida outfit Anberlin return to Australia in September, with the band’s first show beginning this Wednesday (4/9) in Brisbane.

Killyourstereo.com will host a series of tour blogs while the band is down under, with the first, a pre-tour greeting, kindly written by bassist Deon Rexroat.

Memories and Loves in Australia:

If anyone was to examine our track record with Australia, it should be plain to see that we love visiting and playing in your country. It all started with our first visit in 2005 when we were offered not only our first Australian tour but also our first chance to tour outside of North America. We were welcomed and embraced by fans while experiencing a country that was so similar to, yet so different from, our own. Eight years and eight tours after our first visit, we definitely have a list of things we will be looking forward to on what will be our ninth tour of Australia.

For me, memories are what usually come to mind first when telling someone about Australia. These may not be activities in which we regularly engage every time we step onto Aussie soil, but they are things that we feel lucky to have experienced. Surfer’s Paradise being one of those experiences. During our first tour, we stayed a couple of nights there and we were just blown away. We live in Florida, so we are used to having beaches everywhere, but we were still so enamoured by this place we had heard so much about. It was winter, so we didn’t immediately strip down and go dive into the chilly water, but we did have a great view of the shoreline and water from our upper floor hotel room. I clearly remember sitting on the balcony and simply staring out into the blue water and watching the waves crash on the shore. It was a good day. The next memory may seem very touristy, but hey, I’m a tourist here, so deal with it. I visited the Lone Pine Koala sanctuary while in Brisbane during our third tour and I held a koala and fed some kangaroos. I also learned a few things that day: koalas have sharp claws, koalas aren’t bears, kangaroos will steal your feedbag if you don’t pay enough attention, and red kangaroos are jerks. It’s all so educational.

It isn’t memories alone that keep the excitement in touring Australia. It’s the food. We are lucky to have a very diverse selection living in America, but there are always things we don’t have readily available or that are just flat out different. We always look forward to finding the good “breaky” and coffee spots in every city, but we are also on the lookout for new food experiences as well. I think trying Bay Lobsters (AKA “Bugs”) and kangaroo meat top the food adventure list for me so far. Being Florida boys, seafood is in our blood, but when we were told we just had to try “bugs”, the invitation needed a little further explanation before we accepted and we weren’t disappointed. They are so good. The decision to try kangaroo was a little easier. That was just shear curiosity. Meat isn’t the only cuisine we enjoy though. Our veggie members love the veggie/vegan options so readily everywhere in country. They say it’s never hard to find good a good meal in Australia and I’m inclined to agree.

Now, after all the sightseeing and eating, there is one more thing that is always on the to-do list, Australian beer. The first night we ever spent in Australia was in Adelaide. We wanted to go have a beer, so we walked into a bar and asked the bartender what Australian beer we should try. His answer was “Cooper’s Green” and we fell in love immediately. Upon future visits, we have since found others that we love as well, such as Little Creatures. A beer made more special for the fact that it’s pretty impossible to find in the States. Coopers, however, is slowly becoming easier and easier to find, which is great! You can even buy Cooper’s brewing kits and make your own at home. I actually tried my hand at home-brewing a batch of the Pale Ale not too long ago. It turned out all right, but I’d rather just come to Australia and order a Cooper’s Green. It’s much easier.

Finally, we are most excited to simply play shows for and have fun with all the Aussie fans. If we’ve ever had a bad show, I don’t remember. Actually, I’m just going to say we’ve never had a bad show in Australia. We enjoy every second we are on stage and I’m sure this tour won’t be any different. Especially since we will be joined by The Maine and William Beckett. The first show is at the Hi-Fi in Brisbane on September 4th. Check Anberlin.com for more tour dates and we’ll see you in a couple of days.

Killyourstereo.com & Destroy All Lines present Anberlin on tour with The Maine and William Beckett.

Further show/ticket information here.

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