Between the Buried and Me speak out against third party profits

Between the Buried and Me have posted an online statement, which touches on the sale of the band’s previous releases as well as sales of the group’s products via unofficial merch stores.

BTBAM wrote the following:

Just so everyone knows, we have a merch button at the top of our page that is a listing of all our OFFICIAL merch stores. Please don’t bother buying from anywhere else as it does not in any way filter through to us, nor do we have control over the quality of the product.

Also, I know our fans are smart enough to know that if there is a new release coming out that we haven’t advertised, then we obviously have nothing to do with it and again it is only profiting some third party that has no association with the band. We’d be more than happy if you just downloaded our old (ie: pre-Parallax) music and just continue coming to see us live.

Again, OFFICIAL BTBAM recognized merch sites at the button below and at the top of our page. THANK YOU! See you all soon.

Between the Buried and Me tour with the Contortionist this November.

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