The Broderick announce breakup

Melbourne hardcore quintet The Broderick have announced their disbandment.

The band released debut full-length ‘Free to Rot, Free of Sin‘ last year after a lengthy period of inactivity. You can check out a statement from the band below.

"About two weeks ago we returned from our first tour of South East Asia and Japan, the experiences and memories we will keep from those few shows will last us a lifetime. We were so honoured to be able to meet such amazingly hospitable people and to see some beautiful parts of this world just from being five friends that wanted to play aggressive music together.

Unfortunately those will be the last shows that we will ever play as we have decided that we will no longer be an active band. There are way to many people and bands to thank from the 7+ years we have been a band but to everyone who has helped us and supported us in anyway we thank you.

Logan, Ben, Marc, Ash & Steve – Free to Rot, Free of Sin."

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  1. juliand1985

    Sounds like ‘The Valley’ scenario all over again…
    Awesome band goes overseas to shred the shit out of the international market, comes back and call’s it a day… be interesting to hear what really happened?

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