The Banner take aim at crowdfunding

Hardcore outfit the Banner have lashed out at the concept behind, the currently in vogue, crowdfunding scheme.

In a Facebook post, the band highlight their strong thoughts on the issue, writing:

None of these crowdfunded albums are much (if at all) better than what we did on Frailty in maybe 3 weeks with 3 dudes and logic software for less than 1/4 the cost these dildos are asking. If these dudes were asking 2-3k it wouldn’t bug me at all but 20-30-50k? kill yourselves. pay me 1k and ill write you a metal album better than anything your shit band and keyboard player could ever imagine. Not because im that great but because your other shit sucks a tidal wave of dicks.

The Banner are preparing to release new album, ‘Born to Ruin pt. 1‘ this month via cassette and digital download.

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