EXCLUSIVE: Counterparts Australian tour blog #3

Canadian hardcore outfit Counterparts just wrapped up touring Australia on their maiden visit to our shores. The band supported In Hearts Wake as part of the ‘Survival’ tour.

Killyourstereo.com exclusively hosts the group’s tour blog written courtesy of frontman Brendan Murphy – concluding today with part three.

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I’m writing this from the San Fran airport right now. After the nice 13-hour flight from Sydney, we arrived safely in the USA. We have a very small tiny 5-hour layover and then we’re finally off to Toronto. Should be home before midnight.

After Perth, we flew to Adelaide. We played a wicked venue called HQ. It was just a big YMCA. Skate park attached, so you know we had fun. The kids went wild during our set and it was really cool.

We then headed to Melbourne for the last two shows of the tour. We got awesome $10 burgers from the first venue, almost got in a fight with some Yuppie Cokeheads with sick hair, and again played another wild show in the smallest venue of the tour. It felt like being at home, or playing a small venue in the US.

The final show was a huge success. Everyone was in high spirits, I believe the show sold out, and it was a good night for all. We raised a bunch of money in the tip jar so Jesse can buy a new guitar, and we sold almost every piece of merch we had. Australia is unreal. Just hope we can come back when it’s your summer, instead of your winter.

Shout out to In Hearts Wake, Stories, and the Storm Picturesque for hanging out with us, and thanks to everyone who had a hand in bringing us over. No doubt that if you’ll have us, we’ll come back ASAP.

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