EXCLUSIVE: Counterparts Australian tour blog #2

Canadian hardcore outfit Counterparts are currently touring Australia on their maiden visit to our shores. The band, supporting In Hearts Wake, play shows as part of the ‘Survivaltour.

Killyourstereo.com exclusively hosts the group’s tour blog written courtesy of frontman Brendan Murphy – continuing today with part two.

You can catch up on part one here.

After Jesse’s guitar got stolen, we had a quick three-hour drive to a town called Byron Bay. Hometown of bands like In Hearts Wake, Parkway Drive, 50 Lions, and others. We played a small youth center type place and it was wicked. I was a little angry about an “awesome” hamburger place in the area, which I went to and was greeted by a nice mushy Chipotle mess. ALTHOUGH I will give them credit: Unreal french fries.

After that show we were BLESSED with a nice 10-hour overnight drive from Byron Bay to Sydney. Honestly, I don’t remember anything about it other than it being freezing cold, coming out of a gas station bathroom yelling “Give it up for the idiot” and then watching an old man almost run through a bathroom door. I guess he had to go.

Anyways, after we got to Sydney we checked into a hotel/hostel/hippy organic “hemp only but internet costs $300” kind of place and took a quick nap. Played a wild show in Sydney. Honestly one of the best shows of our entire career. Hung out with our boys in Northlane, and spent the next day off in the same city going to places like Bondi Beach, Resist Records. You know, tourist shit.

The next morning we checked out of the Hough-house, got some unreal Pad Thai and boarded a plane to Perth. 
Before I go, shout out to the parents who let their 2ft tall moron run up and down the aisles screaming while everyone tried to sleep. I hope they enjoy his “I want to kill myself to the Tony Hawk soundtrack” teen years.

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