Fred Mascherino reflects on Taking Back Sunday

Fred Mascherino, former guitarist and co-vocalist of Taking Back Sunday, has released a statement reflecting on his time in the band, which he joined 10 years ago this week.

Titled "A Decade Under The Influence," the blog follows:

Ten years ago this week, I called Eddie Reyes and talked to him about joining Taking Back Sunday. Five weeks later I was playing Philly Warped Tour to 18,000 people. When I first joined the band, I had to stay in Long Island to practice so I stayed at Willie Noon’s parents house. I’d wake up on the couch and Straylight Run would be practicing in the basement. I gotta admit, seeing John at that time was a little awkward, haha. Eventually, Eddie got an apartment where I could stay and all we did was practice, write new songs and watch fuse on tv. If you can remember that far back, all fUSE played that summer was Yellow Card, Story of the Year, Brand New and (unfortunately) Chevelle. It was a really exciting time in my live and I never forget the fact that my life was forever changed from that call to Eddie. There are best friends of mine that I have today that I would have never met if I didn’t make that call. Many of you reading this might have never come to know me. So, regardless of the drama that always seems to surround the situation, I always look at joining TBS as something great that happened to me.

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