He Is Legend to finish new album

He Is Legend have released a statement letting fans know they have found a replacement drummer and will be resuming work on their new album.

The band’s statement follows:

"Since 2009/2010 we have been fairly inactive with the exception of a few regional shows here and there, we have also not released any new material, we’re sure this is all obvious to all of our fans, so we just wanted to explain that there is a reason for all of that bullshit. Between financial and legal issues and certain members pursuing higher education our activities have been extremely limited. Our drummer, Steve Bache, started going back to school. Obviously that started taking up all of his time, as well as him moving to a new city, so that put a damper on the band as a whole doing anything substantial like writing/recording new music or getting on the road and touring extensively. In accordance all other members of He Is Legend found jobs to supplement income, real life shit, yada yada yada.

We’ve been trying to put together an album since 2011 but obviously with the aforementioned factors, that shit was not really working out. Steve chose to pursue his degree to allow him another career in life which left us with the need to find a drummer. Steve has deep roots in this band that extend to when we were all 16 years of age and we have been playing together as "He Is Legend" for ten + years. Trying to fill that void with just anyone would be unacceptable for us since his drumming played such a big role in our band, our music, and our sound. It was like trying to find a kick ass drumming needle in a hay stack. We have always and currently support Steve to the fullest and wish him the best in life and thank him so much for the time and dedication that he has put towards the band. We do miss him very much, but we all have been keeping in constant contact and we all are totes hella cool, brah.

Filling Steve’s drumming feet, because that dude doesn’t wear shoes, was a son of a bitch. After hashing through drummers via craigslist, methadone clinics, christianmingle.com, and drummers we knew we came upon an acquaintance of ours, Sam Huff, who happened to be working on a pit crew for NASCAR at the time. Within 15 minutes of rehearsing one of our newer ideas with Sam we realized that he was the perfect person for the position. Obviously we knew of Sam through a eatshitifyouthoughtthenascarthingwastrue bunch of people we know (Katie and Stacey, whut whut!!!) but we didn’t know how connected we actually were. We found out that Sam had been in a band with some friends, the same friends that we know now, back in 2002 and we (under a different band name) played together at the college in Wilmington. We feel like fate has intervened in our band somehow and we are completely happy to have Sam join He Is Legend as an official member and drummer.

As of 2007, Worth Weaver has been doing an excellent job handling our live guitar duties for He Is Legend. He is a self-made producer out of Leland, NC, owning Red Room Recording. We hope to do pre-production for our new album with Worth at his studio. We’re stoked to have Worth on board, as always, offering up his technical expertise to our feral nonsense.

Having said all that, we have been working on new material since 2011 and now with Sam Huff behind the kit we are finally able to put some things together and we are planning on recording a new album with producer and friend, Mitchell Marlow, who produced It Hates You. We have a lot of history with Mitch, him having been in our band at one point, and we know that with him we are going to get the kind of awesome fart sounds that we want on a new record and we will be completely at ease and comfortable. He always seems to know how to make us feel secure and confident, like a father penguin coddling a young pestilent penguin under it’s blubbery belly.

In summary, realize that we have not been in the position to be able to move the band forward as we would have wanted to. With a new drummer and new music our goal is to move forward as planned and do all the things we haven’t been able to do over the past few years, which includes releasing new music, touring worldwide and sonically summoning the Apocalypse. We appreciate the shit out of anyone that has stuck with us through our down times and we look forward to ripping everyone a new asshole in their earhole (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHRtdyW9ong).

So, stay tuned for more news coming from the He Is Legend camp. Fuck."

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