Ronnie Radke post’s new solo song ‘Fairweather Fans’

Controversial front man Ronnie Radke from "Falling in Reverse" has released a solo song called ‘Fairweather Fans’.

A rap inspired track, he speaks of his life past and present in what is already a much talked about topic online.

Ronnie Radke had previously stated that his idols growing up are current juggernaughts in the rap scene Dr.dre and Eminem, so it is of no surprise that this new material he is creating has some big influence regarding his current direction in writing.

Check out the track below and tell us what you think.

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  1. GedVsTheWorld

    @dingdong (1): i was going to say not at all, then i imagined him saying ‘you freaking idiot’ and god damn it dingdong, you are correct

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