Atreyu planning to record/release a new song?

Orange County outfit Atreyu are seemingly looking to record a new track – the first new material since the band went on hiatus in 2011.

Frontman Alex Varkatzas observed the developments in an online post. Additionally, in affirming news for fans, the pending track will see the band return to their earlier sound instead of the major label influenced style, which featured on later releases.

“I’m thinking, if we did do 1 new Atreyu song, it won’t be for a few months BUT I would like it to be given away free to our fans. You guys have given us soo much, if we can get it done , how cool would that be??? Truly punk rock! Just thinking aloud! Enjoy Mother’s Day! I am- ALpal
Ps yes there will be tons of screaming and shredding ala the curse etc. none of that major label BS. Cross your fingers”

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  1. shirtpants

    Sounds like he wasn’t happy with the way the band headed. Maybe that’s why the went on hiatus. Band is forgotten now anyway.

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