Bring Me the Horizon debut at #1 on ARIA Charts

UK metallers Bring Me the Horizon have debuted at the number one spot on the ARIA charts.

The band’s latest studio album ‘Sempiternal’ cracked the top spot, with Killswitch Engage’s ‘Disarm the Descent’ coming in at number six in a positive weekly showing for heavy music.

It continues a healthy streak, which saw locals Northlane achieve number three on the charts the week previous. caught up with Bring Me the Horizon while they were here for Soundwave.

11 Responses to “Bring Me the Horizon debut at #1 on ARIA Charts”

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t dig Linkin Park and I don’t dig this. Go figure. ‘Pop’ your music up enough and the masses will love it. End rant.

  2. juliand1985

    Shit album?? are you serious!?! Its probably the most evolved album they have released to date! I think these guys are smart enough to see that the hardcore scene is dying and that they needed to make a change asap to ensure people still listen to them and dont forget who they are.. I say good job guys!

  3. SteveC

    I seriously don’t see why so many people think this is a pop release or even a big departure. If you look at the progression that runs from each of their four LPs, it’s a logical move. It pretty much takes the most interesting parts of their third album and builds on them.

  4. Johnny Storms

    This album is incredible, nothing surer.
    @dagger666 It is NOTHING like a pop record you absolute cockhead !!!
    I agree with SteveC, it is not a massive departure. The sound has just progressed, surely they were sick of writing mosh ‘anthems’…

  5. FireEscape

    lol i ignored dagger as he is a serial dunce and known for it.
    Steve C, you hit the nail on the head big fella.
    Come join the forums with Johnny Storms.
    Onya fellas.

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