Meshuggah frontman replaced by cardboard cutout

With vocalist Jens Kidman currently suffering from the flu, Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah have avoided cancelling dates on their current tour by enlisting the help of fans and one gnarly life-sized cardboard cutout.

The band recently avoided cancelling a show in Atlanta by going against the odds and performing without Kidman. In a post on Facebook, Meshuggah asked fans to help replace the vocalist by memorising the lyrics and screaming along.

It’s either cancel OR play for you guys anyway,Jens wrote on the band’s Facebook page. “We opt for playing. Its what we’re here to do. So that’s what we’ll do. With your help it’ll be awesome”.

But it wasn’t just left up to the fans. A cardboard cutout of the vocalist, complete with pre-recorded vocals, was wheeled onstage during ‘Bleed’. Intronaut frontman Sacha Dunable also backed up his support slot by filling in on vocals during ‘New Millennium Cyanide Christ’. Check out the footage below.

Meshuggah will once more use Kidman‘s “evil cardboard-twin” during their next scheduled performance in Philadelphia.

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