Meshuggah offer new EP as free download

Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah are offering fans a new two-track EP entitled Pitch Black as a free download.

The band collaborated with Scion Audio/Visual for the EP, who have worked with a number of metal, dance, hip-hop and garage rock bands to curate similar releases.

The EP features new track ‘Pitch Black’ and a live rendition of ‘Dancers To A Discordant System’, a track taken from the band’s 2008 album obZen.

Meshuggah are a favourite around the offices:

Wordsmiths are going to have fun creating attention-grabbing and witty analogies to describe the sheer devastation that is ‘Koloss’. "It is heavier than…" [insert analogy]. But, we’ll just stop short and call this deliberate, innovative and once again forward-thinking music that delivers effectively” – Kane_H on the band’s latest album, Koloss.

Download the Pitch Black EP via the widget below.


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