Buried In Verona drummer leaves to join IKTPQ

Buried In Verona drummer Shane O’Brien has departed the band, with the musician reportedly joining fellow Australian metallers I Killed the Prom Queen.

While no official statement has emerged from I Killed Prom Queen regarding current drummer JJ Peters (also of Deez Nuts), a Facebook/Twitter post from Buried In Verona observes O’Brien has joined the band.

“Hey guys unfortunately Shane has left buried in verona to pursue a career with IKTPQ.we wish him all the best but due to this we are in need of a drummer ASAP as we leave for America and Europe on the 4th of march. Because of the small time frame left we have no choice but to advertise and hope there is a talented drummer out there that will fit in with us and join buried in verona. Please upload a video of you playing "hanging hoes" and a minute of you playing your style or a song that best matches your style. tag biv drummer audition and post it on our page much love BIV"

No other official details have been made available.

4 Responses to “Buried In Verona drummer leaves to join IKTPQ”

  1. SteveC SteveC

    I hope that’s not true about Prom Queen. Deez Nuts is good for a laugh and all but I’d much rather see JJ’s talents used in Prommers.

  2. techno allah

    im going to go out on limb here and say, now that Jona isnt in BMTH anymore, and no one else is doing anything too chaotic (except Kev and in Trenches) Perhaps IKTPQ will be going full time again? And there is now way JJ can keep up doing both full time…. Could be wrong though.

    Could be a bit awkward if IKTPQ do a tour with confession? lol

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