Enter Shikari frontman vents about Asking Alexandria

Enter Shikairi frontman Rou Reynolds recently offered impassioned comments regarding bands that charge money for meet and greet appearances.

Reynolds, writing via Twitter, strongly criticised groups that charge money for the appearance, with the musician responding to a follower’s comment about Asking Alexandria.

The tweets can be found below.

8 Responses to “Enter Shikari frontman vents about Asking Alexandria”

  1. PunkRawk101

    30 pounds to meet? fuck thats like $80-what a bunch of faggots! their teenies probably begged mummy nad daddy for money to “meet their fav band evar”

  2. martin1212

    haha :L you make shit music shikari having a go at asking alexandria because they can actually put guitars in their music since take too the skies you’ve gone shit and asking alexandria have got better and heavier better than your few shitty dubstep with a bit of screams and a little guitar to push it into the post hardcore genre and your screams sound like pig squeals gone wrong AFuckingA for life!

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