Counterparts post new video

Counterparts have released an official video for their song ‘The Disconnect’.

The track comes from their latest album, The Current Will Carry Us, released in 2011 through Victory Records.

Footage for the video was filmed during the band’s recent Canadian tour with Stray From The Path, Obey The Brave, Backtrack, and Northlane.

Vocalist Brendan Murphy comments, "The video for ‘The Disconnect’ is a perfect representation of us as a band. When we go on tour, we aren’t there to impress anyone, we aren’t going to “work”, and we are going to have fun. Since day one, this band has been about having fun and making ourselves happy. This video gives people an insight into who we are when we aren’t on stage and how we spend our time. Whether it is skateboarding, trust-falling off our trailer, dancing, getting drunk, playing UNO in crappy hotel rooms or just straight up being children; you can be sure that we’re having the time of our lives. That’s what motivates us to get in the van time after time."

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