Weiland hinting at Velvet Revolver reconciliation

Scott Weiland is open to reuniting with Velvet Revolver, with the musician telling Rolling Stone of developments recently.

Weiland was kicked out of Velvet Revolver in 2008 following a fall out with the rest of the group. However, it appears things may be smoothed over according an interview Weiland gave to Rolling Stone.

“I am completely open to it and I know there are other guys in the band that are completely open to it. There have been some things that have stood in the way that aren’t anything that have to do with the band – just other players, agents.

"But now we’re sorting through things, and we want to start writing for some big film opportunities that have come our way, and try to set things up the way we set things up when we initially got together,” Weiland said.

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