Sharon Osbourne: Black Sabbath “definitely” touring Australia in 2013

Black Sabbath manager Sharon Osbourne says the band will “definitely” tour Australia next year.

Osbourne broke the news during an interview on Triple M’s Merrick and the Highway Patrol last Friday.

When questioned as to when Australians would see a return from Black Sabbath, Osbourne replied: "[Black Sabbath] is in the studio right now with Rick Rubin recording. And they are going to be touring here in the Spring of next year. Definitely."

Based on this quote, it’s unclear if Sharon is referring to the US spring (March to May) or our spring (September to November).

Black Sabbath for Soundwave 2013 headliners anyone?

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  1. Capricosm

    They produced only one good album , ” Black Sabath ” by Black Sabath. Great musos but way past their X Factor, dont you think Sharon ?

  2. sex robot

    Geez there is some retards on this site. If you don’t rate Sabbath you need to cash in your musical credibility card immediately. The guy above couldn’t even spell their name right. Go back to listening to fringecore. This is FUCKIN AWESOME NEWS!

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