The Faceless guitarist comments on Green Day live rant

The Faceless guitarist Michael Keene has commented on the recent Las Vegas performance by popular punk rock outfit Green Day, where frontman Billie Joe Armstrong lashed out at a shortened set time.

Armstrong took umbrage (see video below), when Green Day’s set was cut short at the iHeartRadio Festival.

Subsequently Keene had the following to say via Twitter:

5 Responses to “The Faceless guitarist comments on Green Day live rant”

  1. youmeatSAM

    He’s got every right to be pissed, I reckon its awesome the way he reacted. At least he’s got some balls. Probably not the most professional way but anyone would be pissed if their set got cut short like that. Then again who says its not all an act.

  2. Nash

    Hahahahaha. Good ol’ Billie Joe Armstrong trying to appear “punk” and “taking a stand against the man” when he sold out 20 years ago.

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