EXCLUSIVE: Northlane Canadian Tour Blog #2

Fast rising Australian metallers Northlane are enjoying a breakout 18 months. Beginning with last year’s impressive studio album ‘Discoveries’, the band is quickly creating a strong reputation – both locally and internationally.

Northlane are currently touring Canada with Obey the Brave, Stray from the Path, Backtrack and Counterparts.

Killyourstereo.com is proud to present and host an EXCLUSIVE series of tour blogs from the group, continuing with Northlane’s second entry, written courtesy of guitarist Josh Smith:

“I’ve been on tour for a straight week now, all around Ontario. Our first show of the tour at Windsor was pretty rough crowd wise and we weren’t really expecting much from the rest of the tour as a result. We weren’t concerned though, being on the other side of the world playing music with my best friends was more than enough. However assumption was way off, every show has been getting better and better.

Yesterday was by far the best show of the tour. We played a smaller stage at Koi Fest in Kitchener and it was nuts, almost as crazy as playing back home. It was and unbelievable feeling to be received so well so far from home and it reminded me of when we played in Perth for the first time.

Playing on such a varied lineup has been a new experience and really opened my eyes up to just how much bands within the hardcore umbrella have in common despite their different subgenres. For one, the chances of us playing with Backtrack as a tour package back home would be pretty much nonexistent. In Canada the same kids watch us and Backtrack every night. Canadians don’t seem to have an elitist attitude that’s increasingly prevalent in Australia and other parts of the world. They don’t feel bound by trends or fashions, or bucking those trends to fit in. They’re just music fans and they don’t care about anything but having a great time.

The other bands on the tour have been nothing but awesome to us, and even better to watch every night. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Counterparts live for years. Their live performance without a doubt is the best I’ve ever seen. Every single night their set is emotionally moving, I can’t compare them to any other band. They are so tight and energetic. We played in their hometown, Hamilton a few nights ago and it was just incredible to watch. They are also great dudes, as is everyone on this tour. I think one of the best parts of being in a touring band is having the opportunity to meet so many great people that you remain friends with for life. It’s safe to say I’ve made plenty of those friends in the last week.

Stray from the Path destroyed Toronto two nights ago, not to mention every other stage they play on, Obey the Brave have been consistently good and Backtrack are so fucking cool I don’t have words for it.
There have been a few other highlights of the week. Yesterday in Kitchener we all went to a place for lunch that made Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. They are about as long as a footlong sub and easily the most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. Angus beef, capsicum, onion, spices and seasoning marinated and cooked on a hotplate and then drowned in delicious mozzarella. Then thrown on a roll with salad. Holy shit. I hope we get to go back there even if we don’t play.

We’ve stayed at Andrew from Structures’ house a few times because he pretty much lives in the middle of Ontario (he’s also driving us around and a rad dude. Check out his band if you know what’s good for you). His Mum is the best. Every morning we have woken up to some incredibly delicious meal. Today it was the best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever digested. I want to eat it again.

Right now we are about halfway to Montreal, apparently tonight’s show has sold out. Going by the past week I’ve got real high hopes for the show. I also have real high hopes for the Poutine I’m going to eat for the very first time tonight. It sounds pretty disgusting (fries, gravy, cheese) but when in Canada…. ”

Fans can read Northlane‘s first official blog entry here.

You can catch Northlane on tour with Parkway DriveI Killed the Prom Queen and Survival this December.

Discoveries’ is available for purchase via UNFD.

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