Billy Talent discuss album title

Ontario rockers Billy Talent have discussed the title of their fourth album, ‘Dead Silence’. Lead guitarist Ian D’Sa spoke to AbsolutePunk about why they decided not to give the full-length a numbered title.

Read what D’Sa had to say below:

"For years people would ask us why we named our albums numbers and we just wanted to change it up. The reality is that we never really thought of naming our records before because we were so busy working on the actual songs or were just plain lazy. We never came up with names for those records, but this one felt like a new beginning to us. Doing everything ourselves for the first time, we wanted to change it up. There’s a song called “Dead Silence,” we knew it would end up being the last track on the record. We thought it would be a great closer and when we sent it to Ken Taylor, who designed the album artwork, he listened and came up with the rough sketch of the underwater scene with sharks and stuff like that. We just thought it was a cool title too, because it fit perfectly with the theme. There’s an ongoing theme of I guess the anxiety of living in 2012 right now. Some people are thinking it could be the last year of the world’s existence."

Billy Talent are returning to Australian shores in February and March as part of Soundwave 2013

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