Enter Shikari: “I’d say it’s OK to bottle Chris Brown.”

Popular British electro/hardcore outfit Enter Shikari caught up with prominent music publication NME recently, with the band lightheartedly affirming they’d gladly bottle Chris Brown.

The band chatted with the magazine/website at Reading Festival.

“If it’s some sort of band that you can tell it’s fake and there’s no soul, then maybe. I’ve had a bottle of piss thrown at me, but only by Rob, our drummer,” frontman Rou Reynolds said on the issue.

"I’d say it’s ok to bottle Chris Brown. That’s the only person,” guitarist Rory Clewlow additionally said.

You can watch/read the interview here.

4 Responses to “Enter Shikari: “I’d say it’s OK to bottle Chris Brown.””

  1. auzziewizard auzziewizard

    thats a bit fucked mate, violence isnt exactly the answer nor should popular bands, or any for that matter, be encouraging such behaviour.

    and I’d say thsi band is pretty “Fake” without any soul … just saying …

  2. Sevenska

    Are you serious KYS? I didn’t know this site became another propaganda network taking stories out of context for attention. In the interview they harmlessly exchange thoughts of bottling with ‘plastic’ bottles, not even serious and explaining the backlash of doing such an action and having respect for other bands. After his real speech “I might be okay with bottling Chris Brown” NOT some malicious slogan he did not say, they talk about human rights, it’s seems you’ve taken EVERYTHING out of context and failed to mention their playful attitude or discussion of morals. Disguising KYS, you’re suppose to be the alternative music network not one that shuts down a less popular band to rally fans of ‘Chris Brown’ who may be more active on this site.

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