EXCLUSIVE: In Hearts Wake – Divination stream

Byron Bay outfit In Hearts Wake are ready to assert themselves on the Australian music scene in 2012.

The local five-piece, having supported the likes of House Vs Hurricane and about to embark on a national tour with Dream on Dreamer and Hand of Mercy, are preparing to release their debut studio album – ‘Divination’ (in stores this Friday).

Thanks to our good friends at UNFD, Killyourstereo.com is proud to host the EXCLUSIVE stream of ‘Divination’.

In Hearts Wake
vocalist Jake Taylor explains the concept behind each respective track in these exclusive liner notes:

‘Divination’ is based upon a ‘Tarot’ concept in that each song emulates the essence and meaning of a particular Major Arcana Tarot card. My mother is a professional Tarot reader here in the hills of Byron Bay. Her divinatory practice is always carried out with love and good intention, it provided me with the inspiration to transform this idea into a conceptual album. This is dedicated to her.

Based on the Tarot card ‘The Star’ it represents the spirit of hope and faith to carry us through even the darkest of nights. The days of childhood were simple when all you had to worry about was school, playtime and food. As we enter the world as young adults, we quickly begin to notice that nothing lasts forever. Our parental figures age, the world as we know it changes and this can often result in a disconnection to our innocence. It is amongst these ‘sleepless nights in pain’ that we wish to be ‘taken back’ to our youthful days. We must find ‘The Star’ (hope and faith) and create our own place of beauty, our own ‘Neverland’.

Based on the Tarot card ‘The Fool’ it represents the infinite spirit and in this case it’s connection with nature. Joyous, happy and free from the ties of society, and living in harmony with the earth is ultimately who I aspire to be. ‘Happiness’ is what you make it, and in the ‘Traveller’ it’s a ‘less is more’ outlook on life. Our ability to be joyous and live in the moment can be clouded with ‘responsibilities’. Let’s not forget who we are or where we came from, deep down we are all children of the earth.

Based on the Tarot card ‘Death’ it represents the spirit in transformation and it can often deal with one of our greatest challenges: ‘letting go.’ There are definitely moments in all of our lives when we stop and think ‘What happens after this life’? It’s moments like these that I always come to the same conclusion: ‘be present and enjoy life because this is all we’ve got.’ Bureaucratic regimes justify military action with fear because the majority of our population are afraid of death. In order to make a change we must first begin with ourselves and ‘stand alone’ for what is right. In the end our ‘lifeless’ bodies will all return to the earth ‘alone and with nothing.’

THE UNKNOWN (Strength)
Based on the Tarot card ‘Strength’ it represents the eternal spirit, able to overcome all obstacles. Sometimes you must tame the beast through courage, bravery and fortitude. Millions of children around the world are unwillingly ‘born on the battlefield‘ and into ‘broken homes.’ They say that ‘we are what we know’ and if children continue to be raised under roofs of fear, suffering will only endure. The disturbingly high number of abuse in households will only prevail if the vicious cycle is not weeded out. Often imbedded into our DNA is an instinctual reaction to treat others as we were treated. This song reflects the story of a child who returns to their ‘unknown past’ as an adult to put an end to the pain, once and for all.

SURVIVAL (The Chariot)
Based on the Tarot card ‘The Chariot’ it represents the triumph of the mind, the action and drive to achieve ones goals. Year after year working on someone else’s clock, all in an attempt to fund doing what we love. Our hobbies and passions provide us with joy, but like all things they require large amounts of energy and funding. This is the un-sung struggle that many working class citizens experience day in day out. Most people’s passions will either fail to provide income for their families or they will dissolve entirely as a result. In this unstable era with economies either booming or facing collapse it is almost impossible to juggle both. This is the ultimate twenty first century dream: To do what we love and to have it pay our way. This is our survival.

INERTIA (The Hermit)
Based on the Tarot card ‘The Hermit’ it represents the guiding spirit. It deals with solitude, patience and through wisdom it can help light the way. When things aren’t going as we had planned it can be a time to step back and reflect on the bigger picture. ‘Take time move forward’ is the re-occurring key message in this song. If we can align our heart, mind, and soul and unite them as one, we will return both stronger and wiser.

B.I.A (The Hanged Man)
Based on the Tarot card ‘The Hanged Man’ it represents the spirit of renunciation and sacrifice. The card’s illustrations depict a man hanging upside down by one leg, surrendering to a greater power. In 2011 I lost a close friend to suicide and this inspired me to write a song about his inner conflict. A constant battle of the ‘hero’ and ‘villain’ can play a part in all our identities as we learn ‘good’ from ‘bad’. My beloved friend chose to give up control and in doing so, ended the battle once and for all. I believe it was his way of surrendering to something far greater than himself. We are left with no choice but to accept what has happened and ultimately surrender ourselves to the higher power of ‘what is’. We all have our own way of mourning.

SHAPELESS (Judgement)
Based on the Tarot card ‘Judgement’ it represents the awakening spirit of cosmic conscience. Twisted political regimes use fear as the weapon to infect our minds. This is a confrontation of those fronts, living in an unstable world where not even life itself is definite. Through different mind states we pursue new dimensions, and battle even the darkest of demons, which can often be our own worst enemy, ourselves. ‘All paths lead to the end, will you attack or will you defend’.

LORELEY (The Lovers)
Based on the Tarot card ‘The Lovers’ it represents the balance between two forces.
This song depicts the shadow of ‘The Lovers’ in that sometimes we are blinded by what we want to see and not what’s actually before us. In this case ‘throw my soul to the sea’ and ‘heartbreak on the shores’ have been used as oceanic metaphors to retell an ancient folklore tale. The myth tells the story of ‘Loreley’ (a feminine water spirit) who dwelled in the rocks of the German Rhine. She would bewitch sailors with her beauty and song only to crash their hulls on the riverbed and ‘pull them down to their demise.’

Based on the Tarot card ‘The Tower’ it represents the spirit facing destruction. This song is written from the earth’s perspective and depicts justice upon humankind for the misguided treatment of Mother Nature. Planet Earth is a breathing life force and caretaker for millions of organisms that solely rely on the elements. If you were to look at Planet Earth from a ‘spaceling’s’ perspective you would perceive human infrastructure as a cancerous parasitic growth. Imagine if you were to find mould breeding on an apple, would you want to explore its surface? ‘Run the rivers dry’ and ‘make the molten mountains cry’ are the earth calling upon the elements to evoke what we as humans call ‘natural disasters’. If we do not learn to co-exist and work with the elements then we as the human race are essentially destroying the very walls we live in.

RELEASE (The Moon)
Based on the Tarot card ‘The Moon’ it represents the spirit of inspiration as we begin to see things in a new light. As the nocturnal ‘cure kicks in’ we see the other side to this masculine dominated world. Tides of emotion enable us to see through rigidity and structure. Through good intention ‘the release’ can often be a healthy venture towards renewal. Just like or the ebb and flow of the tide, or the deciduous trees as they prepare for new life. ‘This is our release.’

Catch In Hearts Wake supporting Dream On Dreamer this August/September and additionally see them play alongside iwrestledabearonce on their maiden Australian tour this November.

Killyourstereo.com caught up with the band earlier this month.

You can also buy on iTunes and get a HD copy of the TRAVELLER music video here.

Fans can watch In Hearts Wake‘s video for ‘The Traveller‘ at this location.

Divination’ is due out August 31 via UNFD.

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