Mastodon discuss future plans

Mastodon guitarist Troy Sanders was recently interviewed at UK’s Reading Festival, with the bass player discussing the band’s intentions going ahead.

"The future is very unknown, I think. After these two festivals — the Reading and Leeds — we’ll take some time off and start working on new ideas. And I’m as excited as anyone else on this planet to see where we’ll take it musically. I have no idea,” Sanders said as transcribed by

The musician went onto observe the band never want to be pigeonholed in reference to their sound.

"We never really tried to cater any riff, any song, any sound to please any [particular group] of fans, any type of journalists, any critics or anything outside of the four of us. Once the four of us leave our practice space after writing a song, or even a riff, or even one line of lyrics, or something, if the four of us agree on it and are proud of it and are happy with it, then that’s all that really matters.”

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