Incubus manager denies hiatus

In regards to recent rumours about a hiatus from Incubus, manager Steven Rennie argues that reports have been exaggerated and the band simply needs a short break before continuing with their work.

In another statement made by singer Brandon Boyd, it was said;

"We have no plans, to tell you the truth, at the moment, I have been tinkering around, potentially, with a second solo record. That’s probably the most likely scenario. But as far as Incubus right now, we’ll probably take another break."

Fans of the band can lay their worries at rest, I think.

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  1. BritBraveCMR

    Thank goodness. “HQ Live” comes out today, so fans have something absolutely awesome to enjoy. Basking in all my love and obsession for Incubus. These clips are some of the coolest/best live clips I’ve seen.

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