Confession announces new members

The Michael Crafter-fronted, drama fueled hardcore project, Confession has just announced new guitarists, Doyle Perez and William Carrette of the growing alternative acoustic act D at SEA.

The new members will grant a fresh sound with Crafter posting that Doyle will be providing clean vocals on the new tracks. More members are to be announced soon.

Confession has also posted a lyric video for "The Long Way Home" that gives us a taste of what the new members will bring to the table.

8 Responses to “Confession announces new members”

  1. sarah1982

    @lockie_Murders (4): you had an S on the end of their name every time you mentioned it. that’s what i’m even on about chump.

  2. Anonymous

    Will be keen to see Confessions live now they have someone who can actually sing the cleans. I do prefer the original version with Dan on cd, but live he sounded like he was strangling a cat.

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