The Amity Affliction announce new album “Chasing Ghosts”

Australian post-hardcore heavyweights The Amity Affliction have announced their follow-up to 2009’s Youngbloods, Chasing Ghosts, will be released September 14. In an announcement via UNFD, vocalist Joel Birch revealed the band has hit the studio in Florida to record with producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette (Blessthefall, Incubus) on their Roadrunner Records debut.

The frontman added "Recording with Elvis has been the most amazing experience for Amity since we began making records eight years ago. It’s incredible. We came into this record more prepared than we ever have before as well, so everything is coming together really, really well."

"We’re all loving the new songs. It feels like there is an entire album of awesome songs that we love which hasn’t happened prior to this; we’ve finally written an album we are proud of from start to finish, no filler whatsoever."

In regards to the lyrics on Chasing Ghosts, Birch also stated “I’ve tried to write my thoughts in a manner that can connect with people on an even more personal level than I did on Youngbloods, and I’m proud that the substance and depth hasn’t been lost or compromised, or watered down."

Chasing Ghosts is due out September 14 in Australia, September 17 in the UK and September 18 in the US.

16 Responses to “The Amity Affliction announce new album “Chasing Ghosts””

  1. lockie_Murders

    I can’t wait to hear how his lyrics connect with me on a personal level, this is coming from the lyrical mastermind behind “I have so many anchors, So many, so many, So many anchors”.

  2. FireEscape

    Well i doubt he’ll be singing songs about sucking dicks so chances are you’ll be out of luck again.
    Just dont listen to the band if you dont like it.

    I Hate Hartley was also a very personal song, so get off ya high horse ya goose.

  3. lockie_Murders

    @FireEscape (2): The thing is, I do like them haha. Some songs may be personal, but when you get a guy like that, who has written shit bordering on nicki minaj, saying that “I’ve tried to write my thoughts in a manner that can connect with people on an even more personal level “, I can not help but comment on how hilarious that is. I hope he proves me wrong though.

  4. FireEscape

    haha its cool, i wasnt full serious.
    i mean, i get what ya saying with anchors, but he has shown signs of being a sick cunt touching god.
    am keen.

  5. guillos.

    Keen to hear it. Most of youngbloods took a while to grow on me. Absolutely hate Anchors though.

  6. BuddyBall

    Clearly the first poster didnt understand which is why I had to ask that ridiculous question that everybody already knew the answer to.

  7. neill420

    what’s the big deal with lyrics / content??
    don’t you just want to hear how well they can play their instruments right now1?
    keen to hear some fresh beats.

  8. dkTPD

    I’m looking forward to furiously masturbating whilst listening to this record with headphones on. I will use the headphones as a means to slightly choke myself (autoerotic asphyxiation) and so that I can’t hear how loud the beating is.

  9. juliand1985

    ffs, who really gives a shit. im pretty sure when writing youngbloods joel didnt suddenly decide to exclude anchors from being a song with lyrics that meant something to him on a personal level. If thats how the fans have understood the song, so be it, but im pretty sure if you ask Joel what the song was about, i very much doubt his reply would be ‘oh i was watching pirates of the carribean last night and decided to write a song about dropping anchors of the starboard side of a ship’ – just enjoy the album and the creativity and effort that went into it.. very much looking forward to chasing ghosts!!!

  10. Anonymous

    I enjoyed Youngbloods a hell of a lot more than I thought i would. Keen to hear what they come up with next.

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