The Dangerous Summer not touring with Tonight Alive

With Tonight Alive‘s headlining tour set to kick off in Adelaide on Thursday, The Dangerous Summer have announced that they will no longer be taking part in the tour.

The band’s vocalist AJ Perdomo broke the news that the cancellation was due to their original offer no longer being able to be met, tweeting "Fyi. The tonight alive tour drop wasnt our fault. They emailed us two weeks before the tour saying they couldnt afford the original offer," and then following that up with "We would obviously very much love to get to australia and see you all. We’ll be back asap. Love tonight alive, theyll kill it double."

The band’s guitarist Cody Payne also commented on the cancellation, posting the following on Absolutepunk:

"this has nothing to do with tonight alive. and we didnt "drop" off the tour. we had an amazing offer that was made by a past manager that couldnt keep his word. $56,000 was turned into $11,000. it was impossible to do the tour."

Tonight Alive wasted no time finding a replacement, announcing that Young Guns from the UK will now be taking part in the tour, as well as the previously announced Totally Unicorn. Click here to view the upcoming tour dates and ticketing information.

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