Terror don’t support Refused reunion

Terror vocalist Scott Vogel recently had a rant about the Refused reunion while onstage at Groezrock which also features Refused on the line-up.

Vogel made the following comments:

"A lot of bands that come around, they do their thing, they tell you how much they care, they write their songs, they write their lyrics, [and a] couple of years later, they disappear.They disappear, they don’t go to shows, they don’t support new bands, they don’t buy demos, they don’t give a fuck about me or you. But for some reason, we give them the mighty dollar to come back and play for us, a fake shell of what they once were. And yes, I’m talking about Refused. If you wanna support Refused, that’s up to you, but I don’t support that shit!"

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  1. xiktpqx

    So the singer wasnt involved in International noise & AC4. Last time i checked he was still playing shows and supporting bands.

  2. Nash

    As much as I love Terror, in the words of one of their own songs, “you don’t know me, don’t know any of us, don’t know what this means, keep your mouth shut.”

  3. PunkRawk101

    Vogel’s just jelly peeps froth over a band that hasnt done anything in ages and gets huge offers for shows-sour grapes but see his point

  4. riseagainst2006

    Dennis has been more active than just about anyone since Refused. He’s been in the INC, AC4 and Invasionen, among others and David is obviously with him in AC4. They’ve both been supporting new bands, particularly young up and comers.

    Refused have already admitted that the money was a factor in them getting back together, but the fact that they’ve been playing secret shows for no money at all is a decent indicator that the power of the money was not a greater factor than their passion.

    This just smacks of Vogel wanting to cash in on a bit of controversy and in turn to increase their own popularity, just a load of cynical hypocrisy.

  5. WeAre138

    Long time reader, first time poster. Just to chime in, when AC4 toured Dennis and AC4 for were there on both Cenny Coast shows and Sydney supporting the support acts and having fun. Sometimes you don’t either se that from the other local supports.


    Who honestly cares if they are doing it for the dollar… Sick band. Why not make a comeback for a few bucks??

  7. crafter

    hahaha on the same lineup that has gorilla biscuit’s who were selling there merch on the day they wearnt even playing.

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