Parkway Drive post new DVD trailer

Byron Bay sensations Parkway Drive invite you to see the world through their eyes with a film that follows the band on their endless global trek.

Shot in 42 countries on five continents, the 75-minute "Home Is For The Heartless" DVD is both a rare travelogue and an in-depth look at Parkway Drive on stage and off.

Parkway’s first DVD release, Parkway Drive: The DVD, was the highest selling Australian music DVD of 2009, achieving Platinum sales, and winning the Rolling Stone Award for ‘Best Music DVD’.

Where the DVD told the story of Parkway Drive’s history and achievements up to that point, "Home Is For The Heartless" is a much more unique and personal statement.

In addition to footage of some of the craziest shows the band has ever played, it also captures some of their greatest adventures and most poignant shared moments.

Traveling to many obscure destinations, including some third-world cities that had never been visited by an international heavy band, Parkway Drive embrace the local peoples and cultures as a vital part of their experience.

"Home Is For The Heartless" is a music DVD unlike any other.

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  1. samfisher21

    I dont really listen to Parkway much anymore, but their last dvd was great and I suspect this will be even better.

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