Emarosa looking for new vocalist

After parting ways with troubled front man Jonny Craig last year, Emarosa have been searching for a new vocalist and have tried out numerous people, but due to those people not working out, the band are now taking submissions from anyone who feels they could be the one.

The band posted:

"During the past year we have actively demoed with a few awesome vocalists, with intentions to proceed each time, and our attempts have given us new friends, but still no singer. The songs we’ve been writing have taken on a new exciting form of honesty, and we can’t wait to share them. We still need someone who can fill the responsibilities of being the voice and face of a full time rock band, and someone that we all genuinely connect with on and off stage. Having said that, we’d like to invite anyone who thinks they are that person, to contact us. We are looking for someone in their twenties with a strong, original voice, an open, eager, constructive mind, and something positive to say.

Please submit the following, a few examples of your voice, a picture, and any music experience to emarosasinger@gmail.com"

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