Anberlin post studio update

Anberlin are currently in the studio with producer Aaron Sprinkle recording their sixth full-length album, an have posted an update to let fans know how the process is going.

The band posted the following message:

"3 days left of preproduction. Coming back to Seattle to start this album was the best decision we could have made. The connection we have with this place is incredible. We’ve all learned so much musically in the last fews years, that the process of making an album now is so different than the last time we worked with Sprinkle. We’re able to experiment more than we ever have, due to the comfort level we have with him and ourselves. We couldn’t be happier or more pumped in the decision we made to make this album here, and with him. It’s gonna be a fun few months.

Also, if I hear one more person say they hope it sounds like CITIES part 2, I might involuntarily punch you. We collectively love that album, and genuinely think it’s one of our best albums. But, why would want to put out an album that sounds like a album we did 6 years ago? We want to progress and change with each album, yet still keeping the sound and vibe of what makes Anberlin, Anberlin. We’re so grateful for all of you and wouldn’t be making records if it weren’t for you guys. Our main goal is to make albums that you guys will love and will continue to love throughout the years. We’ll talk soon. Love you.

P.S. I won’t really punch you."

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