At The Drive-In not planning on recording new music

At The Drive-In guitarist and vocalist Omar Rodríguez-López has stated in a recent interview with NME that the band’s recent reunion is more of a "nostalgia thing", and that the band is not planning on recording a new album.

Rodríguez-López stated:

"Will there be a new album? No, no, no. At The Drive-In is more of a nostalgia thing – it’s songs we wrote when we were all in our 20s and we’re doing a couple of shows. It’s an old T-shirt that doesn’t fit me any more, but when you put it on again, it feels nice. It’s as simple as that."

When asked about the conflict between members that resulted in the original break up of the band, Rodríguez-López claims that they have put that behind them, stating:

"For the rest of the world, [the reformation] seemed to be out of nowhere, but we’ve been hanging out for the past four years. We patched up our differences a while ago."

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